Memristive nanomaterials and electronic devices for quantum and neuromorphic computing

MemristorThe MEM-Q project brings together leading research groups from Greece and Russia, with significant contribution to the contemporary state-of-the-art of memristive materials and technologies, working on a universal approach towards the fabrication of memristors and explore the possibility of using them as building blocks for quantum and neuromorphic computing, breaking the limitations and red-brick wall of the conventional computing logic (Boolean logic) and architecture (von Neumann architecture). MEM-Q contributes to the development of new industrial technologies of manufacturing memristive devices for applications in new-generation information storage and models of quantum and neural circuits for neuroprocessors, FPGA and quantum computers. Stochastic nature and nonlinear dynamics of memristors provide for the creation of brain-like neural network architectures with synaptic plasticity and neurohybrid devices. This could be the basis for the hybridization of electronic devices and biological tissue/cultures for the development of robotics and artificial intelligence and the development of new methods of diagnostics/treatment of the nervous system and brain.